Teeth Whitening

Food, drink, tobacco, age, medication, and physical damage can all cause teeth to stain. We offer great options for teeth whitening at Synergy Dental, including teeth bleaching and Zoom whitening. Both procedures will help you achieve that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide to break up stains and whiten your teeth. In-office teeth bleaching and at-home whitening are both available depending on the specific needs of each patient. The strength of the chemicals used in our treatments are stronger than over-the-counter methods and are administered by professionals in a safe environment.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening utilizes hydrogen peroxide like traditional teeth bleaching methods, but it also uses added technology to provide even more benefits. In this teeth whitening process, the hydrogen peroxide is activated by a UV light, which speeds up the brightening process. With Zoom whitening, we can whiten teeth in a single two-hour appointment.

Benefits of Teeth In-Office Teeth Whitening

  • Faster Brightening | Your teeth will get whiter much faster when you choose to whiten teeth in-office. If you are looking for immediate results, in-office teeth bleaching with Zoom whitening is a better option for you than at-home whitening products.
  • Professional Administration | When you allow our professionals to administer your whitening treatment, you are less likely to have overbleached spots, leave the product on too long, or put the product on incorrectly. You can rest assured that your teeth are being whitened as safely and effectively as possible.
  • Less Sensitivity | Those who use at-home whitening products often get bleach on their gums, sometimes causing pain and sensitivity. Synergy Dental Group will apply your treatment carefully and skillfully, which means you will come away from the treatment with less pain and sensitivity.
  • Heightened Confidence | A bright, beautiful smile will improve your confidence in your daily social interactions and tasks. Teeth whitening works wonders and is an easy way to improve an individual smile’s appearance.

Call our office with any questions about teeth whitening or to set up your own whitening appointment!