Sedation Dentistry

Interested in anxiety-free dentistry? You are not alone. Somewhere between 30 and 40 million Americans stay away from the dentist because of the fear or stress they experience when they think about dental visits. We believe that visiting the dentist is crucial to promote your oral and overall health, keep you comfortable and pain-free, and keep your body functioning the way that it should. Though this is true, it is still difficult for some patients to walk into the dentist’s office.

At Synergy Dental Group, we offer you the opportunity to experience dentistry the way you want to.

Some of our patients prefer sedation dentistry. We offer laughing gas to uneasy patients to ensure that their experience will be comfortable and anxiety free. Sedation dentistry is available to you for every kind of visit from cleanings to surgeries.

Our laughing gas sedation dentistry option can improve your visit to the dentist. The gas is administered to the patient through a mask placed over the nose. It is a perfectly safe method of sedation.

You will remain conscious, but the laughing gas will put you in a state of total relaxation. You will feel calm throughout your visit, and the effects will wear off before you leave. Our sedation dentistry is always paired with local anesthesia to ensure that you do not experience any discomfort during your visit.

We also offer local anesthesia to all of our patients to eliminate as much sensitivity as possible.

General anesthesia (being put to sleep) is available at Synergy Dental Group. If a patient elects to be put to sleep this is performed by a certified anesthesiologist.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, call our office today!