Root Canal

Why Get a Root Canal?

When decay or infection leaves you with a painful toothache, a root canal could be the next step. There is a space called the pulp chamber within the tooth that houses the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels of the tooth. Normally, the pulp chamber keeps the tooth and roots working properly, but when it becomes infected or irritated, an unbearable toothache could be the result.

Internal decay or physical damage to the tooth could harm the pulp and cause a toothache. If the infection is left untreated, the tooth could be lost. A root canal is a good way to save the tooth and alleviate any tooth pain.

In most cases, when you need a root canal, your dentist has to refer you to an outside specialist for your root canal, but there is no need for that at Synergy Dental Group. You can remain at the same office, where we have dentists with the skill and experience to perform your root canal.

After an examination of the tooth, the root canal can be planned and carried out at our office. Local anesthesia is a normal part of the procedure. If you are particularly nervous, Synergy Dental Group also offers other methods of sedation to make your root canal as comfortable as possible.

Root Canal Procedure

  • First, the affected tooth will be isolated and prepared to access the pulp.
  • The dysfunctional pulp tissue is removed so that the nerves will no longer cause your toothache.
  • Next, the canals are thoroughly cleaned and root canal fillings are placed into the canals.
  • The canals are then sealed, preventing future infection.
  • After a few days of recovery, your tooth may be restructured with a restoration like a filling or a crown, allowing it to appear and function normally again.
  • Once the tooth has been cleaned and sealed, your toothache will disappear and you will be pain-free!

Call our office today with any questions about root canals or to set up an appointment!