Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are designed to not only enhance and beautify your smile, but also to provide stability and structure to your mouth. Let us improve the appearance and health of your smile with our carefully crafted dental bridges and dental crowns.

Dental Crowns

Our beautiful porcelain crowns will cap any teeth that are misshapen or unhealthy, making your smile more attractive and improving your oral health. Dental crowns can strengthen weak teeth, preventing further damage and improve the function of your teeth by altering their shape and size to better match your natural teeth. Crowns also cover teeth that are fractured, discolored, or misshapen.

There are several options for the material used in dental crowns, including gold, ceramic, acrylic, and metal alloys. These options function well, but they do not match your natural teeth, causing any crowns made with these materials to be noticeable when you smile.

Synergy Dental Group uses porcelain crowns, which match the color of your real teeth perfectly. Porcelain crowns are more than the most attractive option–they are also strong and durable. You can redesign your teeth with our porcelain crowns, making them the shape and color that you want, and leaving them healthier than before.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring your new tooth to your existing teeth. One piece, or bridge, is created and placed on the natural teeth on either side of the gap. The replacement tooth, fitted to the middle of the bridge, fills in that gap.

Dental bridges can restore your full and complete smile. This will not only promote your personal confidence, but it will also improve your oral health. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth may eventually shift and change to adjust to the gap, altering your bite.

This shifting can lead to further problems, including gum disease and TMJ disorder. Dental bridges keep all of your natural teeth in position and functioning as they should, preventing future pain and problems.

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